Fulfilling a Passion

Keith O’Hara and I have been friends for many years, and our history has given us a defining edge against other firms. I have spent most of my professional career navigating and establishing myself as a security industry expert in Arizona. I’m a former state investigator, law enforcement authority, and university professor who loves catching the bad guys. Keith has impressively managed large-scale security operations for some of the most luxurious and high-stake resorts across the Valley. We’re the team you want managing your operations – real life “security aficionados”. Community Action was founded with the principles the two of us live by: honest hard work and great service.

Creating Our Team

After establishing our company as a reputable and reliable security firm in only a few years, Keith and I sought out the best of the best guards who could keep up with the fierce demand we were facing.

“We needed people who not only could provide some serious protective service, but also be the friendly security guards everyone wants to talk to.”

And find these people, we did. In fact, Community Action skyrocketed to well over 100 guards employed across various properties within Phoenix. Managers and property companies alike were praising (and still do!) our commitment to quality service and premier hiring strategies. Even in 2008, when the recession took a toll on almost every security company, we refused to lay off a single employee. We care for our guys and decided we would rather bear the burden of the recession than lay off the husbands, dads, and grandfathers who worked with us. And it paid off.

Our History and Our Future

Because we chose to live by our rules of honest, hard work and great service we retained some of the best guards imaginable. Two of our best guys, Brian and Philip, have taken larger roles as Senior Operations Managers, and various other guards have stepped up to the plate and established themselves as leading guards within the organization.

Some have been with us from the beginning. Some are still greenhorns. But no matter when they started with us, they’re all joining in on the same journey. I’m honored to see this company start at humble roots and grow into the great organization of men and women it is today. Our history propels us into our future because it shows us that with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck – anything is possible.

Thanks for choosing us.

Gary Lamp, CEO

Contact Information

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