Clients all across the valley hire Community Action Security because we are professional, informed, and aggressively focused on their specific needs. Our intentional business model seeks to give you an excellent product that will supply with you with the perfect security solution.

  • Advanced Command Center

Our senior security force is reinforced by our advanced command center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The command center monitors your guard’s location, tracks rare emergency situations, and provides you with immediate customer support.

Discover how our Command Center creates value for your property.

  • Superior Training

Training at Community Action is rigorous, intentional, and comprehensive – we’ve done it for over 15 years. Each guard is trained in-house to ensure our specific safety, security, and service values are faithfully delivered to you.

Take a tour of our in-house guard training.

  • Innovative Technology

We partner with the most advanced security technology companies across the world. Community Action guards are supplemented with the highest-grade technology in the industry to ensure effective and encompassing protection of your assets.

Explore the technology we use to protect your assets.

  • Environmentally Intentional

Community Action has incorporated a “clean” operational structure from the inception of our firm. Our vehicle purchases, gas consumption, and material usage have been intentionally designed to support green efforts that reduce our carbon footprint (and yours, as well!).

Survey the environment initiatives our company has implemented.

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We absolutely love to hear from our clients. Drop us a line and we'll discuss how we can help with your security needs.

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