We firmly believe in corporate responsibility at Community Action Security – especially in the realm of environment sustainability. Our executives adamantly push for better standards that will reduce our carbon footprint, and yours, for years to come.

Our Vehicles

During the purchase of our Community Action vehicle fleet, we sought to procure vehicles that used the lowest amount of processed material and the highest MPG in their class. As a result, our fleet is engineered for the lowest impact possible. We’re using less, and so are you.


While many security companies spend irrational amounts of money on large vehicles, energy-hogging offices, and other unnecessary materials, we choose a minimalist approach to operations. Much of our business is mobile and evolving which requires a lower amount of overhead costs. Our offices are humble yet efficient, and our business purchases are intentional. This not only is environmentally valuable, but also fiscally logical. It saves us money, which in turn saves you money. Simple.

Billing Services

All of our invoicing is digital. All of it. You won’t receive letters in the mail, or bills that are late because the Post Office was closed. Most of our business is paperless and completely cloud-based, which is both innovative and cost-effective – yet another reason why we are the industry leaders.

Contact Information

We absolutely love to hear from our clients. Drop us a line and we'll discuss how we can help with your security needs.

12450 S. Ki Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85044

p. 602.448.2824
e: info@communityactionsecurity.com


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