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The Use of Unarmed Security Guards on College and University Campuses

There are many colleges and universities in the Phoenix area for students to explore their passions and earn a degree to better their futures.  In order to provide them with a safe, secure learning environment, it is important to consider the use of unarmed security guards.  Although there are usually campus police patrolling the area, however, there are certain times when additional support is…

Unarmed Security Guards and Video Surveillance: How We Work Together

One of the many reasons Community Action unarmed security guards are hired is to help with video surveillance.  It seems that more and more businesses and residential complexes are installing video cameras to monitor activity.  The use of 24-hour surveillance allows for close monitoring of traffic flow, detect highway accidents, compile consumer demographics in malls and amusement parks, and…

The 3 Main Roles Unarmed Security Guards Play on Commercial Properties

You can never be too safe when it comes to securing valuables, including humans, in commercial properties.  Different commercial locations that see a large amount of foot traffic or house a high-profile company or person, tend to employ security guards to patrol and keep everyone safe.  This is true for government buildings such as the City of Phoenix City Hall, shopping malls such as Paradis…

How Homeowners Can Benefit From Unarmed Security Guards

Hiring unarmed security guards for gated and non-gated residential neighborhoods, condominium buildings, and apartment complexes are increasing over time. Peace-of-mind is priceless, especially when it comes to living in your own home. Having the presence of a security guard is a small price to pay when people consider living in a safe environment.

Residential organizations, such as…

4 Things You Need to Know About Mall Security Guards

There are many large shopping malls and centers in the Phoenix area that provide shoppers with a myriad of choices.  Where there are a multitude of shops in one place, there are also many monetary transactions taking place.  Money is always a temptation that unfortunately brings out the worst in people sometimes.
Large Shopping Centers
Each Phoenix-area mall can afford the presence of unarmed…

5 Reasons to Hire Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed guards are hired more frequently than armed security. The use of unarmed guards, especially in mid-sized and large cities is common. Peace-of-mind is priceless and many will pay for the ability to go about daily life without any security worries.

In the Phoenix area, there are five main reasons why people might want to hire unarmed security guards:
Prevent Theft, Burglaries,…

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