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How Fleetmatics Helps Us Provide Superior Service

At Community Action Security, Fleetmatics fleet tracking is used to provide customers with superior service. With GPS technology, it is easy to track all vehicles and unarmed security guards while they are out on the job. Knowing where employees are located can help dispatchers respond to customer needs in a timely manner. Since it is the customer who dictates the bottom line, using Fleetmatics can help Action Community Security run more efficiently.

Fleet tracking can also help a business run for effectively since a historical proof of service is automatically kept. This allows for quicker responses to customer emergencies and service calls more efficient. Routes can be monitored closely, allowing for appropriate changes if necessary.

Since dispatchers are able to collect real-time data through Fleetmatics, active truck tracking is possible. This means that data is transmitted, possibly every 60 seconds, so that up-to-the-minute information can be used to respond to needs and emergencies. Unlike passive truck tracking where GPS data is only transmitted every 10 to 15 minutes, making information old when every second counts.

An added benefit to using fleet tracking is it can help reduce fuel costs. Since many factors can be monitored through Fleetmatics, Community Action Security is able to monitor fuel usage. Up to 20% of fuel costs can be saved by analyzing Fleetmatics data.

It is also important for unarmed security guards to maintain proper speeds while patrolling in their vehicles. Excessive idling, which increases fuel costs, can also be monitored using Fleetmatics. Savings realized from reducing fuel costs can be passed on to customers, decreasing their costs in the long run.

One major benefit to using Fleetmatics is Community Action Security is able to control costs by closely monitoring their fleet. Fleetmatics generates statistics that can be used to make sure customers are offered the best services possible. As a result, Fleetmatics is helping Community Action Security provide superior unarmed security guard services to clients in the Phoenix area.

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