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The 3 Main Roles Unarmed Security Guards Play on Commercial Properties

You can never be too safe when it comes to securing valuables, including humans, in commercial properties.  Different commercial locations that see a large amount of foot traffic or house a high-profile company or person, tend to employ security guards to patrol and keep everyone safe.  This is true for government buildings such as the City of Phoenix City Hall, shopping malls such as Paradis…

6 Reasons to Choose a Local Security Company Over a National Company

Choosing the right security company can be an extremely stressful endeavor.  Do you go with a company recommended by friends and website reviews or one that the rest of the neighbors use?  Do you do business with the company that has the best deals or pay a little more and work with one that has the best reputation?  Do you sign up under a large, national company with offices in 48 states or…

How Fleetmatics Helps Us Provide Superior Service

At Community Action Security, Fleetmatics fleet tracking is used to provide customers with superior service. With GPS technology, it is easy to track all vehicles and unarmed security guards while they are out on the job. Knowing where employees are located can help dispatchers respond to customer needs in a timely manner. Since it is the customer who dictates the bottom line, using…

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