Vehicle Patrol Security Services In Arizona

Community Action Security provides efficient and deterrent vehicle patrol services in locations across Arizona, proving that we can protect the Valley for a greater value than other security firms. Large or small, your property can be protected with Community Action Security vehicle patrol.

Randomized Vehicle Patrol

Community Action has been conducting vehicle patrol across the valley for over fifteen years. As such, we have nearly perfected our processes and streamlined our operations to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Community Action fleet vehicles will guard your property at randomized times each night (the number of hits depends on your security investment). Why do this? Creating random vehicle patrol times will make it difficult for unwanted visitors to guess when our vehicle patrols will visit. This “planned-erraticism” is crucial to creating our security strategy. We’ll work directly with you to create a custom security plan for your properties.

Vehicle Patrol Fleet

During the purchase of our Community Action vehicle fleet, we sought to procure vehicles that used the lowest amount of processed material and the highest MPG in their class. As a result, our fleet is full of Toyota Prii and other compact cars. We’re using less, and so are you.

Each vehicle is equipped with Fleetmatics, a GPS tracking software that enables full accountability within our internal structure. We know where your vehicle patrol is at all times and what action your guard is conducting. We even know how fast they’re driving – talk about detail-oriented.

Vehicle Patrol Guards

We require each of our guards to be licensed by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. If a guard is not already licensed, he or she enters Community Action guard classes for an entire week to receive education on security procedure, safety policy, and defense training. After security training, guards enter customer service training to complete the process.

When a Community Action guard patrols your property, the guard is representing both our firm and yours. Therefore, Community Action has established proven service principles that each guard must learn before representing us in the field. We want each interaction with a Community Action guard to be a positive one, and we work hard to achieve this.

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