The hospitality industry is a fantastic environment for growth , leisure, and pleasure. In order to create an resort inclined to these values, security must be effective and non-obtrusive. Community Action has over 20 years of resort-style security experience.


Community Action Security has staff on call and available at any time for conferences, meetings, or group functions your resort has planned. Our competitive and reasonable pricing will ensure you are receiving the best security available for the highest value.

Special Events

If your resort is planning an exciting and fun event for your guests, security is necessary for safety and peace of mind. Placing Community Action guards at pivotal locations throughout your property can decrease threats and unwanted visitors.

Property Patrol

If you’re a smaller hospitality property you will likely encounter unwelcome public visitors and possible theft issues. This is increased especially during night hours when visitors can enter and exit the premises without detection. Community Action has dozens of technologically advanced patrol vehicles to deter undesirables from your real estate.

Contact Information

We absolutely love to hear from our clients. Drop us a line and we'll discuss how we can help with your security needs.

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