Mobile Security Patrol Services

Get the most out of your investment by including a vehicle. Vehicles improve and increase security’s visibility, deterrence, and coverage.


A highly visible marked patrol vehicle in conjunction with a well uniformed Security Personnel is an unbeatable team. They are instantly recognizable and easy to identify as a helpful resource. Being highly visible is a main element of creating a security presence on your property and deterring unwanted activity.

Marked Cars

When security patrol services are on property you want to know about it! Our mobile patrol security vehicles are covered with a highly reflective graphics package. The markings clearly identify the mobile patrol services from near and far away. The visibility of our Security Vehicles is easily identifiable and seen by all, as well as on cameras.

Bright LED Lights

It is dark at night, and you still want people to know that patrol services are on-site. Turning on the LED Lighting System on our marked security patrol vehicles lights up the night and lets everyone know that security patrol services are there. Using a handheld spotlight allows the mobile security guard to reach out into the distance to illuminate the darkness.


You want to make it easy for people to find help. Using highly visible marked vehicles, easily identifies security as a helpful resource to everyone. This knowledge can calm people’s anxiety and concerns when there is an issue. The highly visible vehicle can also help responding Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical Services identify the exact location they need to find.


Motivating criminals and unwanted activity to avoid your property will reduce liability. Investing in a quality security program will help you accomplish this goal. A plan that includes our highly visible vehicles combined with our excellently trained Security Personnel is a proactive step that enables security to complete more patrols of your property.

Reduced Liability

Using a security vehicle on property is a great way to reduce your liability. The active presence of a marked patrol vehicle reduces criminal and unwanted activity. Knowing security is on-site and the high possibility of getting caught gives a reason for perpetrators to move on.


Being proactive decreases the negative and unwanted issues you are forced to deal with. Working with patrolling security will deter most issues before they happen or become a problem. This is accomplished by fostering an atmosphere of safety and security on your property. Security personnel patrolling the property act as a deterrent by maintaining a highly visible presence.


The patrol frequency of your property is one of the main ingredients in security deterrence. The more often security completes a full and complete inspection of your property, the more effective your deterrence will be. Vehicle patrol security services can complete patrols of the property more frequently.

Randomized Patrols

To increase the effectiveness of your security coverage it is important to randomize patrol routes and times. This unpredictability increases the deterring effect of security and it creates a level of uncertainty for individuals looking to commit an offense. Having a vehicle on-site allows for faster and more effective coverage giving security more options to do so.

Increased Coverage

Regardless of the property, vehicles help the mobile patrol security to quickly and efficiently secure more areas and provide an expedited response time. When parked or patrolling security vehicles act as a billboard announcing the presence of security. This causes a possible offender to think twice before acting and is a great deterrent to unwanted activity.

Expedited Response Times

When you need security, you want them there fast. Every second counts, it is important that your security patrol services make it there quickly and safe. Security may be responding to a dangerous situation, calls for assistance or an alarm. In these situations, security patrol vehicles are a game-changer.

More Efficient Patrols

You may have security assist with several different duties including closing and securing amenities, activity centers, courtyards, restrooms, or other common and private areas. In addition, to patrolling the property perimeter, streets, parking areas, and monitoring areas of public access; a patrol vehicle will allow security to cover the property quickly while being a visible deterrent.

Increased Coverage Area

If you have multiple locations, or large distances between properties, you still need effective and efficient security inspections to deter criminal and unwanted activity. A highly visible mobile patrol vehicle will allow you to accomplish your security and deterrence needs. The vehicle will allow security patrols to cover a greater area than on foot or a bike.


Security is a serious Investment! You need to be able to confidentiality rely on your patrol security company, and that the vehicle was on-site. To be transparent, our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems. Additionally, we strategically use NFC tokens on-site that provide time, date, and GPS stamped report entries.

GPS Tracking

You can be confident the vehicle was on-site. We know where our vehicles are at any time and use that information to customize patrol techniques. In addition, these systems also allow us to monitor the safe driving practices of our Security Personnel. Driver Safety on your property is among our highest priorities.


If anything happens, you want to know. Our reporting system will send reports daily that include time and date stamped photos of the property, and digital audio recordings when necessary. In addition, our reports include GPS verification that strategic areas were inspected. We want to keep you informed!

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