Temporary & Emergency Security

Planned and unplanned things can leave you vulnerable. You want to do more than just rent a security guard, you want well trained, quality security professionals.

Temporary Security Services

Planned maintenance, nearby events, high profile individuals and dangerous situations require temporary security services. Community Action Security is dedicated to providing quality security professionals regardless of how long the assignment lasts.

Planned Building Maintenance or Remodels

Planned building maintenance or remodels that leave the building vulnerable may require an increase to 24-hour security guard services or adding additional guards. The temporary security guard supplied will be similar to your permanently placed security guards. All our security personnel receive the same comprehensive training.

Nearby Events

Activities happening in the surrounding areas including sporting events, public demonstrations, and construction are a few may impact your day-to-day operations. They can change traffic flows and can make it more enticing for other people to use your parking lot and facilities. Security can stop unauthorized use of your property.

High Profile Individuals

Short term security guards can help with security concerns related to individuals. You may want to increase your on-site security if you are going to have high profile individuals on-site. This includes individuals such as high-level management, celebrities, and dignitaries.

Dangerous Situations

Dangerous situations including workplace violence and hostile terminations often require an increase in temporary security services. Each situation will require an individually customized approach. This may include a combination of uniformed, plainclothes, unarmed, and armed security to replace or supplement your current security measures. Community Action Security will work with you to develop and implement the needed security plan.

Fire Watch

When a fire system has become impaired, it could place people’s lives in danger and leaves the possibility that a fire could get out of control and destroy the property. The fire marshal often requires a fire watch as a condition to continue business operations.

Property Damage

Damage to buildings and surroundings often including outside parking areas and driveways can also impair the fire suppression system. Property damage can prevent a fire system from notifying people of a fire or other issues. In addition, damage to underground water pipes prevents the fire suppression system from functioning. When this happens, it is necessary to have a fire watch.

Possible Ignition Points

A fire watch is needed when there is a reasonable concern that a fire may result. This could include activities that include an open flame and or explosive materials. Another need is after a fire has already happened and there is the possibility of a flair up. Temporary security guard services are an excellent option to assist with these needs.

Patrol Frequency

Fire watches require continuous staffing and patrol of all affected areas. Fire watch service provides temporary security guards to look for evidence of smoke, fire, or any unusual conditions. If signs of fire or a life-threatening situation are discovered, emergency personnel and nearby individuals are immediately informed.

Ending a Fire Watch

The fire watch must remain in effect until the issue has been resolved, necessary inspections and tests have been successfully completed and the fire department has been notified. Our security professionals are trained to quickly respond to fire watch needs, and continuously maintain the fire watch as needed.

Property Damage

Weather, fire, flood, vehicle accidents, vandalism, and civil unrest can cause property damage. Often compromising current security measures and leaves the property vulnerable.  This creates an attractive environment for theft and other unwanted activities to take place, resulting in greater risk exposure. Community Action Security is ready to provide immediate security services.

Mitigate Risk Exposure

Using emergency security professionals to monitor and maintain the safety and integrity of the property helps mitigate the risk and exposure for the property owner and management company. Emergency security personnel act as a visible deterrence to dissuade those that may try to capitalize on this opportunity.

Visual Deterrent

Security personnel patrolling the property on foot, on bikes, or in a vehicle will also act as a deterrent by maintaining a highly visible presence throughout your building or property including the areas perimeter, interior, exterior, and common areas. This security presence acts as a deterrent for trespassers, vagrants, and other unwanted activities.

Securing the Property

During times of investigation, renovation or clean up, Security can check ID’s, document vehicles license plates, escort individuals, and monitor temporary workers assigned to the project. Security professionals can ensure safety protocols are followed by employees, guests, subcontractors, and others who may need temporary access to the property or facility.

Assist Management

Security guards provide helpful assistance to management, providing directions, informing people of rules and regulations, and spreading information to individuals. Security personnel will liaison with local fire and police department as needed on behalf of the property or facility management.


Temporary security services can be supplied in traditional security uniforms or plain clothes and as well as formal business attire. These emergency security services can also be provided as unarmed or armed as requested.  All 24-hour security guard services and emergency security services can provide fully marked patrol vehicles as needed.

Dedicated On-Site (Static)

Investing in a security program that has security professionals dedicated full time to your property, provides the most comprehensive coverage. These individuals will become intimately familiar with the property and deter unwanted activity.

Randomized Periodic Security Patrol

Some communities may not have a need for a totally dedicated on-site security service. In these cases, we recommend participating in a randomized periodic patrol. Security patrol services operate within a given geographic area in which they can efficiently and effectively provide services to multiple communities.

Including Vehicles

Including a vehicle is a great way to increase the visibility of on-site security! Vehicles help security quickly and efficiently secure more area and provide expedited response times. While patrolling and even while parked, security vehicles act as a billboard announcing the presence of Security and are a great deterrent to unwanted activity.

Armed & Unarmed Options

The functions needed to keep people and physical assets protected can be accomplished using unarmed security professionals. However, some high-risk situations may warrant the need for armed security. Each situation is unique and needs to be considered individually.

Uniformed & Plain Clothes Options

Having a well-trained security personnel in the right uniform is a small detail that has a huge impact. We offer both uniformed and plainclothes options. Our state approved uniform is easily identifiable and acts as a deterrent for crime. Sometimes you may want security in plainclothes, so they blend in and do not draw attention to security.

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