Security Guard Services in Phoenix

Regardless of why, you need to hire a security guard. You want more than just a guard; you want a security professional! Community Action Security provides the best security professionals.

Unarmed Security Services

When you have security guard services on your site it can promote a sense of safety and security. Unarmed guards are ideal for keeping your people and physical assets protected in low-risk settings. Some of your clients may be uncomfortable with firearms, knowing that the guard is not armed can help them feel relaxed.

Low Risk Settings

In low-risk settings, the presence of guarding services on your property is enough to prevent criminal activity. Unarmed security patrolling your property acts as a valuable visual deterrent in many different settings.

Unarmed Training

You want to get the best security guards. That is what you will get from Community Action Security. After obtaining a license from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, our guards will go through a customized training program that prepares them for success. This includes on-site security and classroom training.

Client Concerns

When your clients see armed security, they assume that there is an elevated threat level. There are many individuals who feel worried or uneasy around firearms. Unarmed guards are trained to handle emergency situations without a firearm. Often in these settings, unarmed security guard services are enough to make everyone feel safe and free to enjoy themselves.

Armed security services

If you are in a high-risk situation, it may warrant the need for armed security. At Community Action Security, our armed personnel are trained to handle emergencies and taught to take command during dangerous situations to keep your valuable people and property safe from harm.

High-Risk Situations

Are you in a high-risk situation? Many industries and organizations are prone to threats of violence, kidnapping, and terrorism. At Community Action Security our armed personnel are trained to handle emergencies, take command during dangerous situations, and keep your valuable people and property safe from harm.

Advanced Armed Training

Our armed personnel are professionally trained and licensed Arizona security guards. All our professionals participate in continued advanced training, consisting of private classes and programs conducted by industry leaders and law enforcement experts.

Armed Security Services (Open Carry)

Having armed security with visible firearms can provide more deterrence for your company or community. The visibility of the armed professional sends a strong visual message showing your commitment to the safety and well-being of your people and your property.

Armed Security Services
(Concealed Carry)

In some cases, the visible presence of a weapon can send an unintended or undesired message for your organization. In some cases where the need for armed security is warranted, but the visibility of the firearm is not desired, the firearm may be concealed.

Uniformed Security Services

Having highly visible uniformed security on your site, acts like a billboard, informing people that security is present. This high visibility makes it easy for security to be identifiable and act in a customer service role answering questions from individuals. Security guard services represent you and your community, having the right kind of uniform is important.

Communicates Authority

Having uniformed security professionals makes them easily distinguishable and communicates that the guard is acting under authority. As such, it is important that the uniform also makes the security guards for hire appear approachable, trustworthy, and professional. Our security uniform is registered with, and authorized by, the State of Arizona.

Business Casual Polo

Having your security in a business casual polo can make them more approachable to the public and invite greater collaboration, while also being highly visible and acting as a deterrent. The polo shirt is embroidered with company markings and “SECURITY” printed across the back in large 2-inch letters. The polo is usually paired with dress slacks.

Traditional Uniform

Your security for hire can wear a traditional security guard uniform that most people are familiar with. This uniform has been around for years and has a long history of communicating authority. It is the stereotypical uniform when people think of on-site security.

Plain Clothes Security Services

If you need security personnel to blend in seamlessly to the environment and communicate with your staff, guests, and the public without drawing unwanted or unneeded attention. Having on-site security services dressed in business formal, or business casual attire may be more appropriate.

Disruptive Individuals

If you have a situation where individuals need to be removed, having uniformed security involved can escalate the situation and cause a scene. Having security in plainclothes, allows them to interact with the individual discreetly.


Plainclothes security professionals are discreet and do not draw unwanted attention. They are a great choice if deterrence is not the goal, and you want security professionals around in case of an emergency.

Customized Combinations

Combining Armed Security, Unarmed Security and Law Enforcement Officers allows for a tailored response to your threat level. The combination of plainclothes and uniformed security allows for discreet interaction with security and a visual deterrent. Our professionals are the best security guards in Phoenix and are trained to work synergistically with each other.

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