Event Security Services

Security for events, conferences, and conventions require a unique approach to solving new and fluid security needs that the event may encounter.

Proud History

Community Action Security has a long history of providing security services for high-level management, celebrities, athletes, and dignitaries. We are also proud of our long history of providing security for events at the finest venues:

Quality Security Professionals

It is important to have experienced professionals when you hire a security guard for your event. These situations require increased security consisting of a team of specially trained security personnel and an on-site manager.  Our event security management and event security guards are professionals, can adapt to the changing needs and partner with you to ensure the event is a success.

Trusted Professionals

Community Action Security is known for providing quality security professionals that exceed expectations. For more than 25 years Community Action Security has been the first choice of many venues and organizations in the valley. Whether your function is large or small, Community Action Security will bring the same quality to your event.

Special Events, Conferences & Convention Security

Special Events, Conferences, and Conventions require a lot of planning and often take place at venues off-site. Both large and small venues are often unfamiliar and come with unusual security challenges and unique security risks. Our convention security services have proven to be valuable assets in these situations and many other convention security issues.

Event Security Services

Special events held at both large and small venues are often unfamiliar and come with unusual security challenges and unique security risks. Our security guards for events are professionals that can adapt to the changing needs and partner with you to make sure the event is a success.

Conference & Convention Security

Conferences and conventions are normally held at a large destination resort or other large gathering facilities. Our conference security specialists are intimately aware of the layout of your facility and have worked similar events many times. These professionals know how the hotel or resort operates and have developed a relationship with most of the convention services staff.

Large Events

Community Action Security provides special event security services for large events at major resorts and venues. We have worked with groups such as the NFL Owners, Superbowl Teams victory celebrations, Sony PlayStation product launches, Intel product demonstrations, and major pharmaceutical product and sale incentive events. We are often told, that we are the best out all the events security companies in the country.

Small Events

Smaller events are normally more intimate, relaxed, personal, and private. Some smaller events include private concerts, weddings, birthdays, special dinners, and meetings. Our highly experienced private event security is able to interact with the pubic and guests in a professional manner that won’t detract from the event.

Pre & Post Event

After several site inspections, coupled with an understanding of the agenda, a detailed security plan can be formulated for the smooth and safe functioning of all events. Plans include event set-up, tear-down, traffic control and escorts. After the plan is created, Community Action Security will handpick the security personnel available based on their experience and training.

Site Inspection

Our security personnel inspect each site to gain an understanding of the physical layout and build relationships with the venue staff. This allows them to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that may need additional attention. This allows them to become a valuable partner to ensure things run smoothly.

Setup & Load Out

Even before the first guest arrives, event security services can be on property assisting the pre-convention set up. In many cases our security staff is in place days before the start and end of the event to provide 24-hour security coverage for AV load in, set-up, staging and other production needs including tear-down and load out.

Traffic Control  Parking

Traffic and parking can be extremely difficult and frustrating depending on the size of the event and the venue location. This can aggravate attendees and put them in a bad mood before their event even begins. Security can help with traffic control and direct parking in an efficient and effective manner. This helps removes obstacles that may impair or distract attendees from participation in the event.

Escorting Valuables

Transporting valuables, cash and sensitive information could be vulnerable while being transported around the event. Security can accompany event staff during transit of these items to help ensure they arrive safely.

Escorting Individuals

Fan bases for performers and other key individuals provide a unique challenge. Fans often ask for autographs and photos. When performers and key individuals are on a tight timeline, a security escort ensures quick travel between various locations.

Show Time

Community Action Security provides the best security guards for events. Our personnel are extremely friendly and interact well with the public and guests. They are always willing to assist with access control, safeguarding sensitive information, alcohol age verification, escorts, fire safety and emergency medical response.

Access Control

Events are often held at venues that are easily accessible to the public. This presents the issue of unauthorized individuals sneaking into the event. Our security professionals can provide on-site access control by checking for proper credentials as people enter the event.

Sensitive Information

Conference security personnel can sweep ballrooms and meeting rooms upon completion of talks and seminars to ensure sensitive information is not left unattended. Security can help limit risks involving unauthorized participants and combating corporate espionage. Our staff is extremely adept at interacting with the public to ensure the safety and privacy of the group.

Fire Safety & Control

Some productions use hazers and fog machines to enhance the visual effects used for guest speakers and musical groups. Small particles released by the machines can falsely set off an alarm. With approval, the fire system can be shut off during the performance. When this happens, security monitors the area for any smoke or signs of fire.

Alcohol Control

At functions serving alcohol, it is a requirement to have alcohol control in place. Event security experts can assist with age verification and other alcohol control measures. Our security professionals can travel off property with your attendees and provide security during the off-property event as well.

Monitor Areas

During the event, security can monitor general sessions, breakout sessions, trading floors and awards banquets for unauthorized access and unwanted activity. During lunch and other breaks, security personnel can monitor personal belongings left at the meeting and display areas as well as secure areas housing laptops, AV equipment and sensitive information.


Event Security Services can be supplied in traditional security uniforms, plain clothes and as well as formal business attire. These specialized event security professionals can also be provided as unarmed or armed as needed.

Armed & Unarmed Options

The functions needed to keep people and physical assets protected can be accomplished using unarmed security professionals. However, some high-risk situations may warrant the need for armed security. Each situation is unique and needs to be considered individually.

Uniformed & Plainclothes Options

Having a well-trained security personnel in the right uniform is a small detail that has a huge impact. We offer both uniformed and plainclothes options. Our state approved uniform is easily identifiable and acts as a deterrent for crime. Sometimes you may want security in plainclothes, so they blend in and do not draw attention to security.

Including Vehicles

Including a vehicle is a great way to increase the visibility of on-site security! Vehicles help security quickly and efficiently secure more area and provide expedited response times. While patrolling and even while parked, security vehicles act as a billboard announcing the presence of Security and are a great deterrent to unwanted activity.

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