Hiring A Security Guard: What You Should Know + Costs

July 27, 2021
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The Definitive Guide to Hiring a Security Guard

When it comes to the safety and security of a commercial property, public location, or residential community you can never be too cautious. Hiring security guards to maintain a visible presence is one aspect among many that can ensure the people on-site, as well as the property, will be protected.

However, if you speak with anyone who has gone through the difficult process of hiring a security guard that is qualified to represent them. You’ll quickly learn that not every security company is created equally.

Security guard benefits are numerous, and the safety of your customers, visitors, employees or residents will all benefit from having a well trained security guard. The ideal security guard should represent you in a professional manner while maintaining a command presence. When interacting with the individuals the guard should be a combination of strict and authoritative, without being brash.

How do you know what to look for when hiring a security company? To help answer this question, and to ensure you avoid many of the pitfalls of contracting the wrong company; we at Community Action Security want to supply you with all the right information when making this important decision to hire a professional security company that fits your needs.


Licensing is the first thing to look into when selecting a security firm. Arizona has strict requirements for obtaining a license to operate as a Security Agency. This process includes passing both a local and federal background check,  proven experience in the security industry, and experience as a manager.

In addition, the state of Arizona requires each individual working as a security guard to obtain a Department of Public Safety state issued guard license. The licensing process includes state mandated training and passing a local and federal background check.

Management Style

Understanding how to choose a security company takes time performing research on the competing companies’ management style. Every security firm will have a different approach and demeanor to what their idea of providing security is. The styles vary from strict militaristic operations to a luxurious 5 diamond resort. The management team of your chosen company will support you and the guards assigned to your organization. Learning about their company culture, management styles, and how they will help you accomplish your security goals. Then pick the security firm that will meet your needs, culture and you would like to work with.


The security guards supplied by your chosen security company will become an integral part of your operational team. It is important that they contribute to your company culture and act synergistically with your organization. This makes the security firms vetting process a crucial factor of how to hire a security guard that shouldn’t be overlooked. Is the company happy to provide anyone who has passed a background check and the minimum state requirements? You will want to select the company that takes a holistic approach to each candidate to ensure they are willing to positively contribute to your company culture and thrive within your organization.

Trained Staff

A crucial component of how to hire a security guard is evaluating how a company provides training and support to its staff. Quality security staff is a result of both initial and ongoing training. Will the guards go through standardized training? Will training be tailored to your specific needs? Will the training be performed in a classroom or on-site? After the initial training is completed what options are there for continued training? Your organization is unique, so look for a company that will use a combination of methods to provide in depth and personalized training to the individuals that will be working on your property.

At Community Action Security, we place a premium on our guards’ professional security preparation and support from our management staff. Each guard begins intensive training to earn the title of a Community Action Security Guard. For you, this means a higher-quality and a more capable security guard. We take the time to train and mentor each security professional to succeed at your property. Our security professionals receive both comprehensive classroom and on-site training. This training focuses on developing each individual’s skills and enables our security professionals to meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.


When hiring a security guard, you will want them to have access to the latest technological innovations but not be wholly reliant on them. Speak with the security firm to find out what technology they will employ and if they offer advanced features such as a remote security operations center. These centers will provide support and supervision for the guards while they are conducting security operations.

With an understanding of your operations and needs, Community Action Security can provide a free quote so you can weigh out your best options. In addition, through our GPS accountability system, you can rest assured that our security team is receiving the appropriate level of oversight and support so that your business is constantly protected.


A reputation will speak for itself!

Is the company reliable, trustworthy, and professional? Do they provide a consistent quality service? How responsive is the management? Answering these questions are some of the most critical aspects of hiring a security company.

Before you hire security, look for a firm that provides outstanding customer service, has a good reputation, and values customer input. Ask the companies for references to see what their current clients say about them. Also looking at online reviews can give you better insight into how a security firm operates.

Managing Cost

Every company has different security needs, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. At Community Action Security, our cost is dependent on the protection solution that has been tailored for your company.

A quick internet search will give you an estimate of the average security guard cost. However, the figure you see can cover a vast range of responsibilities and may not account for the numerous variables associated with any enterprise.

To get a more accurate estimate of hiring a security guard, you will need to evaluate:

  • The size and scope of your facility
  • The methods of operations you want your security team to conduct
  • The time of day you will need them to patrol
  • The level of skill you can afford

In the end, a number of factors will influence the cost of hiring a security officer. Building owners should be mindful that the ultimate goal of a security guard is to protect the people and the property of a location while reducing the overall risks associated with operating business.

Hiring a Security Guard

What distinguishes Community Action from the competition is our recognition that the security industry doesn’t always maintain a stellar reputation and can be fraught with labor conflicts, an abdication of duty, contract violations, and property damage.

When our security guards put on their uniforms and enter the field, they represent not only Community Action but your business. We have a strong reputation for recruiting and training security guards with a proven track record of integrity and service. At Community Action Security, you’ll get top-notch, trained security guards that place professionalism, intentionality, and loyalty at the forefront of their duties.

Contact us today for a free quote on our security guard services and see how hiring a security guard can benefit your company.

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