Arizona Security Company

We provide dependable security services that you can trust.

Community Action Security has been proudly providing security services in Arizona since 1997 and is committed to delivering excellent security professionals with 5 Star resort level customer service. We understand that when you hire a security professional, they are representing both Community Action Security and you. We want each interaction with a member of our staff to be a positive one, and we work hard to achieve this.

The staff at Community Action Security will strive to develop a professional relationship with you, your staff, and the public. This is done by focusing on quality, reliability, and professionalism. We understand that each client is different and will work with them individually to develop a customized security plan. This includes the fine details of appearance, uniform, demeanor, and training of the personnel with each of your individual security needs and goals in mind.


Investing in a partnership with a security company in Arizona can be a complex and exhausting endeavor. However, what to look for when hiring a security services in Phoenix really comes down to one thing, Quality. Quality of the company, quality of the training, quality of the management, and quality of Guard. Look to partner with a security guard company that has all these attributes.

Quality Company – A quality company will have been in operation for many years. You should be able to ask for references to back up the claims of the security firm. Unlike most Arizona security guard companies, Community Action Security has been able to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with our clients. Some clients have been with us for over 20 years.

Quality Training – All guards working for Arizona security companies are required to be licensed by the State of Arizona, Department of Public Safety and pass local and federal background checks. Additional licensing is required for individuals filing needs for armed security in Arizona. Community Action Security will take the time to train and mentor each security professional to succeed at your property. Our security professionals receive both comprehensive classroom along with complete on-site training. This training focuses on developing each individuals’ skills and enables our security professionals to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and desires.

Quality Management – Our management team goes to great lengths to ensure that we are the best security company in Arizona. This includes inspecting our security professionals work and testing them to make sure they and we exceed your expectations. Our management team uses technology to monitor and track the activities of our security personnel at work. Combined with the daily reports this allows us to be completely transparent for you.


Community Action Security has a reputation for being the most reliable security guard company in Arizona. This comes from our commitment to building and maintaining our relationship. This commitment compels us to reliably seek out the right security personnel to partner with you. In anticipation of the unexpected, we train multiple security professionals, including management to understand your property and needs. We intend to actually execute and fulfill every contract we win. We do not intend to resell your contract to another one of the security guard companies in Arizona or worse, a large national chain. You can and rely on Community Action Security to be there for you.


It is important to have security professionals and not “tacticool” amateurs or “Mad Dog” security operations. These can be overly aggressive and tactless, often escalating a dangerous situation. This erodes the trust, and respect of security and can negatively impact your public perception. Security is an important asset to encourage safety and deter crime. This is done best when the public and security have a mutual relationship of respect, trust, and responsibility. Our professionals understand how to take a customer service approach to security, treating everyone with respect and dignity. Often this approach deescalates a situation before it becomes a major issue and limits liability. Our staff works hard to develop and maintain professional working relationships of respect, trust and responsibility with you and your staff. We have a long track history of being professional and overall, the best Arizona Security Company.

Customized Attention

Out of all the security guard companies in Phoenix Arizona, it’s important to partner with one that takes time to know your needs. Community Action Security realizes that each client is unique, with their own individual personality and needs. We get to know each and every client in detail, meaning nothing gets overlooked or forgotten. This intimate knowledge has allowed us to provide the best security in Phoenix.

Fine Details

Appearance, demeanor, and enforcement technique impact the security goals you need to accomplish. There is a wide range of enforcement styles and appearances available for a wide variety of security needs, one style may not work for all security applications. The style of security presence required at a highly secure military or government complex may be very different from the security style needed for a sales and marketing office with executives who are greeting and entertaining clients. Community Action Security presents vast experience with the many different security styles and applications. We will work with you to fine tune your security program with the right style and approach for the responsibility you have entrusted with us.