Commercial Security Services

Community Action Security will work with you to develop a custom security plan that maximizes an on-site security presence, using access control that will quickly become an administrative asset.

On-site Security Presence

Deter unwanted and criminal activity from happening with an on-site security presence. Security is a valuable resource that regularly interacts with trespassers and vagrants. Our commercial security services are a small investment to protect your operations.


Motivate perpetrators to avoid your property with corporate security services. The active presence of security personnel patrolling the property on foot, with bikes, or in a vehicle acts as a visible deterrent. By maintaining a highly visible presence throughout your property, it reduces criminal and unwanted activity.  

Deterrence with Exterior Patrols  

Increase the deterrence of unwanted activity before it comes on your property. Performing exterior patrols on the grounds, parking lots, property perimeter, facilities, structures, and common areas increases the visibility of corporate security guards from off site. The increased visibility projects an image of safety and security from a distance.

Deterrence with Interior Patrols

Interior patrols conducted by a building security service act as a physical reminder to employees to follow company safety guidelines, policies, and procedures. Knowing that security is present helps reduce employee theft.

Trespassers & Vagrants

Prevent trespassers and vagrants from becoming an issue on your property. Commercial security services are often the first on-site and conducts an initial patrol of the grounds including above and below ground parking structures. This allows building security guards to interact with trespassers and vagrants before they set up camp, resolving the issue before employees and clients arrive on-site.

Access Control

Knowing who has access to your facilities is important! Our well-trained security professionals are an asset, interacting with employees and visitors to ensure everyone is authorized and has credentials. All avenues of access control are dependent on the quality, dedication and skill of the security professionals operating and monitoring the systems. 

Assisting Visitors

Commercial security guards help with maintaining visitor records, issuing temporary access badges, and notifying management when individuals arrive.  Security can issue temporary credentials for entering a secured area.

Coverage During Nonbusiness Hours

Commercial operations are vulnerable during nonbusiness hours when they are supposed to be closed. Even if there are no employees scheduled to work, perpetrators may attempt to access the property. If people are working late on a project, or you need to ramp up production, commercial building security can still be present.


Commercial security services can ensure that visitors to your company comply with local mask mandates, and they can also defuse any tense situations that may arise. Your staff will be able to focus on their most pressing responsibilities and tasks rather than debating with customers.

Administrative Support

Corporate Security Guards serve an administrative support function. They see what is going on and can inform you when something is wrong. When staffing the reception desks or checkpoint areas they represent the company as customer service ambassadors, building trust with clients, and allowing for greater peace of mind. During patrols security can observe dangerous and costly maintenance issues.

Customer Service

Corporate security services represent you and your company, acting as customer service ambassadors for employees, clients, and customers. People often turn to security when they have questions or assistance. Our security professionals will help guide your employees, customers and the public to the proper locations and products.

Peace of Mind

The knowledge, that office security guards are on-site brings peace of mind. While performing interior patrols security can check common areas and places where people regularly work alone for issues, monitoring for medical emergencies and other safety concerns inside the building. Knowing that professionals are available, and the worksite is safe puts employees at ease.

Friendly Resource

Corporate security companies act as a friendly resource to escort your clients and employees to their vehicles when its dark or other concerns arise. Investing in a quality office security service communicates that your business is secure and values the safety of individuals. This in turn helps build trust and goodwill with everyone associated with your business.

Identifying Maintenance Issues

Find out about maintenance issues early before someone gets hurt or it causes serious property damage. Broken windows, doors, locks, water leaks, and lighting issues are often revealed during patrols by corporate security guards of the property. Early deduction of maintenance issues is important to protect individuals and property.


Each organization has uniquely different security needs. How much dedicated time is needed? Do you need armed or unarmed security personnel? How should security be dressed? Community Action Security will take time to develop a custom security plan and become part of the company culture and an extension of your business objectives and goals.

Dedicated On-Site (Static)

Human capital and property are some of the most precious resources related to a business. Investing in an on-site security service that has personnel dedicated to the full time, on-site protection of your property is a prudent way to protect your business, people, and associated assets.

Randomized Periodic Security Patrol

Some organizations may not have a need for a totally dedicated on-site security service. In these cases, we recommend participating in a randomized periodic patrol. Security patrol services operate within a given geographic area in which they can efficiently and effectively provide services to multiple organizations.

Including Vehicles

Including a vehicle is a great way to increase the visibility of on-site security! Vehicles help security quickly and efficiently secure more area and provide expedited response times. While patrolling and even while parked, security vehicles act as a billboard announcing the presence of Security and are a great deterrent to unwanted activity.

Armed & Unarmed Options

The functions needed to keep people and physical assets protected can be accomplished using unarmed security professionals. However, some high-risk situations may warrant the need for armed security. Each situation is unique and needs to be considered individually.

Uniformed & Plainclothes Options

Having a well-trained security personnel in the right uniform is a small detail that has a huge impact. We offer both uniformed and plainclothes options. Our state approved uniform is easily identifiable and acts as a deterrent for crime. Sometimes you may want security in plainclothes, so they blend in and do not draw attention to security.

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