4 Things You Need to Know About Mall Security Guards

March 5, 2013
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Community Action Security

There are many large shopping malls and centers in the Phoenix area that provide shoppers with a myriad of choices.  Where there are a multitude of shops in one place, there are also many monetary transactions taking place.  Money is always a temptation that unfortunately brings out the worst in people sometimes.

Large Shopping Centers

Each Phoenix-area mall can afford the presence of unarmed security guards.  When guards are seen stationed at doors and patrolling the parking lots and mall walkways, shoppers are better able to shop in peace without worry of something unfortunate happening.

For example, a large mall like the Metrocenter at 9617 N. Metro Parkway not only has two levels of shops; it also has many entrances and exits.  Unarmed guards stationed at the many entrances and exits, as well as sending some on patrol would suit a space that size.

Small Shopping Centers

A smaller, more compact shopping mall like the Desert Sky Mall at 7611 W. Thomas Road can also afford unarmed guards.  Perhaps a more compact mall with only one main shopper walkway can get away with fewer guards; less patrolling and more stationed in strategic areas.

Open Air Shopping Centers

Unarmed security guard presence is perhaps even more important when the mall is considered “open air” and sprawls out in all directions like the Desert Ridge Marketplace on 21001 N. Tatum Boulevard.  Entrances and exits are near impossible to guard, as they are non-existent, so to speak, making it important to patrol the area instead.

Hiring unarmed security guards for shopping malls can be extremely helpful to both the shoppers and retail stores.  Training is mandatory for those wanting to serve as unarmed security guards in shopping malls.

Security Guard Requirements

There are four things that mall security guards need to know about the job if they are interested.

  1. A high school diploma or GED is required with a focus on classes related to government regulations, physical education, and social studies.  These classes on your record would increase your chances of getting the job.
  2. Completion of a certified security guard training program is required in the state of Arizona.
  3. You must pass a criminal record check and drug test.  If you have a conviction or a record of a felony, you will not be able to be a security guard at a mall.
  4. Eight-hour pre-assignment training sessions are mandatory.  These include learning about law enforcement, crowd control, de-escalation techniques, and trespassing laws among other things.

Creating a Safe Environment

Unarmed security guards, like those provided by Community Action Security, can make the difference in a consumer’s shopping experience.  Not only will mall security guards deter shoplifters from stealing and unruly shoppers from causing a scene, they can also help parents locate lost children, point people in the right direction of their destinations, and help maintain order during celebrity promotions.

Mall security guards work closely with local police.  Unlike police, mall guards do not have the authority to arrest those breaking the law, however, they may detain people until officers arrive or ask perpetrators to leave the premises.  Shopping malls are considered private property, making it a legal act.

Shopping, in and of itself, can be a stressful experience.  Having the presence of unarmed security guards on patrol can help shoppers browse and consume with peace of mind.

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