5 Reasons to Hire Unarmed Security Guards

February 18, 2013
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Community Action Security

Unarmed guards are hired more frequently than armed security. The use of unarmed guards, especially in mid-sized and large cities is common. Peace-of-mind is priceless and many will pay for the ability to go about daily life without any security worries.

In the Phoenix area, there are five main reasons why people might want to hire unarmed security guards:

Prevent Theft, Burglaries, Shoplifting

Just the mere presence of unarmed security guards, alone, in retail stores, malls, and supermarkets can decrease the number of petty crimes committed on a daily basis. A uniformed guard standing at the door of a convenience store as patrons enter and exit would deter someone from walking away with a bag of chips in their jacket. Similarly, a “mall cop” patrolling a popular shopping venue may prevent shoppers from charging into stores and making a run for merchandise.

Maintain Order

Unarmed security guards are helpful for maintaining order on school campuses or during large events such as rallies, concerts, or protests. In addition, the guards can help maintain order in larger buildings like hospitals and offices. Seeing a uniformed individual stationed around the perimeter of events or at the entryway of buildings helps remind people to behave appropriately and maintain order.

Escorts For Women

A little-known use of unarmed security guards is hiring them as escorts for both single and groups of women. When women want to enjoy a night on the town, they have the option of hiring unarmed guards as escorts as they travel to a large event or spend the evening hopping from one engagement to another.

Unfortunately, women are more vulnerable than men and make good victims to those who wish to do harm or abuse them one way or the other. Wealthy women are known to employ unarmed security guards to protect them and their goods as they spend the day shopping at high-end retail stores.

Bodyguards For Celebrities

Celebrities or those in high society will often hire unarmed security guards when they go out into the public. Depending on how well known the celebrity is, they may even have more than one bodyguard. The unarmed security guard will protect the celebrity from both obsessed fans and paparazzi.

Residential Security and Emergency Response

As their names imply, unarmed security guards can provide security for apartment buildings and complexes. These guards often monitor the people who come in and out of the apartment. They often know who the residents are and will question the presence of those who are not living in the building. Unarmed guards securing apartment buildings can also support the residents during emergency situations as well. For instance, they can help evacuate the building during a fire. Residential neighborhoods and subdivisions can also hire unarmed security guards to help patrol the streets to keep the area safe.

Although unarmed, security guards can be extremely helpful in a variety of situations. Having a uniformed individual whose sole job is to make sure everything is orderly, safe, and secure can make a big difference. Just the peace-of-mind to go about everyday things without having to worry is well worth the price of hiring an unarmed security guard.

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