6 Reasons to Choose a Local Security Company Over a National Company

May 13, 2013
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Community Action Security

Choosing the right security company can be an extremely stressful endeavor.  Do you go with a company recommended by friends and website reviews or one that the rest of the neighbors use?  Do you do business with the company that has the best deals or pay a little more and work with one that has the best reputation?  Do you sign up under a large, national company with offices in 48 states or with one that has a local office down the street?  With so many things to think about, people can get stressed out.

To help ease some of the stress, here are six reasons why you should consider a local security company, like Community Action, over a large, national company.

Service is less expensive.

Local companies charge local rates.  Typically, local companies charge customers less for security services, be it for home security patrol or guards.  Local companies have offices or branches in the communities they serve rather than in bigger metropolitan areas.  The overhead to run the company is not as big, allowing local businesses to address the costs themselves rather than pass them on to their customers.  Just travel charges, alone, are reduced as a result.

Customer service is more personal.

Local companies hire locally.  National companies don’t necessarily focus on hiring local staff.  When locals are hired to serve customers, they tend to be more invested in the community and provide better customer service.  Local security providers are serving their neighbors, friends, and in some cases, family rather than unknown faces who happen to live in the assigned neighborhood.  Local security companies also end up providing job opportunities for people who live in the area.

 Security monitoring is done locally.

Local companies monitor security locally.  For security jobs involving cameras or home security systems, all the monitoring is done locally.  There are less problems when communicating locally than with someone in another state.  When security monitoring is done locally, it is done by people who are familiar with the neighborhood surroundings and the people who live within that community.

Installers and guards are more trustworthy.

Local companies hire local installers and guards.  When people are hired locally and work in their neighbors’, friends’, and family’s homes, they tend to be more trustworthy.  These are the people you can trust to be in your homes or patrolling your neighborhood.  They are the ones who you don’t mind if they get just little glimpse of your life while patrolling because of the safety they provide.

Local contracts are more flexible.

Local contracts can be amended more easily.  It is easier to deal with local companies when it comes to annual or monthly contracts.  Often times, national companies end up providing customers with only one option: the auto-renew plan, where each month or year, the contract is automatically renewed until the customer cancels the contract.  The cancellation process is usually an ordeal in and of itself.  Working with a local company is much easier and the process usually runs more smoothly.

Keep tax dollars in the community.

Local companies generate local taxes.  Have your tax dollars at work in your own community rather than paying them to a national company in a different region of the country.  Keeping the money in the local community helps boost the economy, benefitting all who live and work there.

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