How Homeowners Can Benefit From Unarmed Security Guards

March 18, 2013
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Community Action Security

Hiring unarmed security guards for gated and non-gated residential neighborhoods, condominium buildings, and apartment complexes are increasing over time. Peace-of-mind is priceless, especially when it comes to living in your own home. Having the presence of a security guard is a small price to pay when people consider living in a safe environment.

Residential organizations, such as homeowner’s associations, apartment managers, and condominium boards usually put safety at the top of their priority lists. Typically, their primary goal is to provide residents with a safe, secure environment in which to live. People need to be able to go about their everyday business without worrying about crime.

Being able to get a good night’s sleep without worrying about anybody breaking and entering keeps a neighborhood peaceful for residents. It is difficult to get into a deep sleep if safety concerns are dominant. People tend to be much more productive after sleeping well at night.

Residents in any given neighborhood also have a great desire to raise their children in safer areas. It is ideal for parents to live in neighborhoods where the little ones can run and play freely without worrying about crime. Hiring an unarmed security guard who becomes familiar with the children in the neighborhood can really be a benefit.

In gated communities, unarmed security guards can help monitor and patrol the guardhouse. They are trained to identify suspicious vehicles and activities, scrutinize identification, and monitor people coming from and going into the neighborhood.

At the top of the minds of homeowner’s association officials, apartment managers, and condominium boards is usually the fear of parties getting out of hand. By nature, people celebrate by throwing parties. Usually, parties include music, entertainment, and adult beverages, which can lead to rowdiness at the end of the night. The help of a sober, unarmed security guard can allow for close monitoring of the party so it doesn’t get out of hand. Everyone just wants to have a good time.

During patrol, unarmed security guards can also be supportive of residents and lend helping hands for everyday things. They can help residents jump start their frozen cars in the morning or locate lost pets. These are the added bonus benefits of having an extra set of hands in the neighborhood.

When positive relationships develop between the unarmed security guard and the residents, people will start to use the uniformed patroller as a sounding board or listening ear. This is one way homeowner’s association officials, apartment managers, and condominium board members can collect information. They will be able to figure out what residents are happy about and what they are complaining about in order to make improvements.

At Community Action Security, account managers are trained to work closely with homeowner’s association officials, apartment managers, and condominium board members, in the Phoenix area, to assess needs and devise a plan to enhance security for their residential neighborhoods. Traffic-pattern analysis can be done to design the best plan necessary to keep residents safe.

When it comes to risk management and liability, it greatly benefits homeowner’s associations, apartment managers, and condominium board members to considering hiring unarmed security guards to patrol their neig

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