Why You Should Consider Outsourced Security Services

January 6, 2023
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5 Major Benefits of Security Outsourcing

Comprehensive security should form part of any intelligent business plan. Theft and vandalism lead to business disruption, hurting your company’s bottom line and making employees feel unsafe. Business owners must strike a balance between efficient spending and tight security.

Security outsourcing is a viable alternative to the hassle and expense of establishing an internal security department. Security outsourcing services are not as expensive as you might think. It’s an investment that repays itself many times over.

What is Security Outsourcing?

The outsourcing of security services means hiring a third-party company to provide security for your business. There are several types of outsourced security services. You may decide you need a guard to patrol a poorly lit parking lot or provide access control. Alternatively, you may decide that outsourcing IT security will protect the future of your business.

Outsourcing security services is a cost-effective option for providing the tailor-made security plan your organization needs to thrive. Pass responsibility for every aspect of your security plan by hiring an independent agency that can keep your business safe.

What are the Benefits of Security Outsourcing?

The benefits of security guards for modern businesses are immeasurable. Crime increases every year, and commercial targets are highly prized among criminals. Outsourced security services act as a deterrent to criminals by making it clear that your business is no easy target, as well as offering protection when security breaches happen. Here are some reasons why outsourcing security is the best way for any smart-minded business.

1. Save Money on Security

In today’s economy, businesses have to learn to do more with less. Negating security entirely is not an option. Security outsourcing is guaranteed to save money because of all the expenses you don’t need to pay setting up your own security team.

Depending on your location, some of the expenses associated with hiring your own security team include:

  • Training
  • Insurance
  • Uniforms
  • Employee benefits
  • Salaries
  • Equipment
  • Administration fees

When you outsource security services, the security company handles everything on your behalf. You just pay their fee once per month — that’s it!

2. Reduce Administration Obligations

In most cases, a hired security company will also take on the administrative tasks associated with security. Do you know how to hire a security guard? And once they’re hired, do you know how to assess your security risks and train them to cover your weak spots? These tasks add a significant burden to a company. Let someone else handle it on your behalf. Security services will also handle back-office taxes, so you don’t have to worry about adding more personnel to payroll.

3. Minimize Your Risk

There are several qualities that every good security guard should have that go beyond training and qualifications. Honesty, integrity, and a cool head are just some of the characteristics you should search for.

Unfortunately, without industry expertise, it can be difficult to distinguish a good security guard from a “just-okay” guard. Hiring the wrong security guards could lead to your business incurring liability and seeing your brand’s reputation destroyed. The right independent security agency ensures you only get the best of the best. By implementing streamlined hiring practices, you can put your faith in your new security guard.

4. Get a Tailored Security Plan

Every business is different. Placing a security guard at the door and calling it a day simply isn’t enough to eliminate threats. Outsourcing security means collaborating with a security expert to create a tailored security plan. Furthermore, you always retain flexibility. As your business grows and changes, so do your security needs. When you outsource security to a reputable agency, you guarantee that your security team will always be able to cope with the changes in your organization.

5. Less Hassle

Perhaps the most significant benefit of outsourcing your security needs is that everything is taken care of. You do not need to worry about a security guard calling in sick because someone else will handle it for you. Outsourced security services are the hands-free option for business owners who don’t want to invest their time and resources worrying about security.

Risks to Outsourcing Security

As with anything, not everyone will benefit from security outsourcing. Every business has its own set of needs. Several considerations determine if the risks associated with letting a third party take over your security is the right option.

1. Choosing the Wrong Company

Like in any industry, there are great companies, good companies, and bad companies. Therefore, there’s always the risk of choosing the wrong company. All businesses need to spend time researching the options in their area. Luckily, it has never been simpler to find reputable security agencies. Simply look online and browse through customer reviews. You will soon see the ones that are likely to offer an excellent service.

The risk comes when business owners fail to invest time in market research. Choosing an agency responsible for your security is a big decision and not one to take lightly. It’s well worth getting in touch with the company to first ask them some pertinent questions.

2. Loss of Control

When you run an internal security division, you have complete control over how they operate and the areas they focus on. However, unless you have a security background, it’ll likely be extremely difficult to develop an airtight plan that covers every potential vulnerability within your business.

Giving up control of any aspect of your organization is tough, but it’s for the best. When you work with security experts, you collaborate to create a tailored security plan. Although you will not control the day-to-day security operations, you are never out of the loop. Business owners continue to work with security companies and have the option to raise any concerns they might have.

The advantage of giving up control means you have more time and resources to invest in core business activities. If anything, the loss of control is an inherent advantage for companies.

3. Quality Degradation

There have been stories of security agencies failing to deliver an exemplary service because they take on too many clients or fail to hire enough security personnel. While rare, quality degradation remains a problem for businesses across the country. If you receive a low-quality service, chances are you’ll have the option of breaking your contract early. Most security contracts have clauses that allow the client to back out if they believe they’re not receiving the quality of service they’re entitled to. That’s why it’s crucial that you read through your contract carefully before deciding to hire a third-party security agency.

The problem of a low-quality service also comes down to who you hire in the first place, bringing us back to our first drawback on this list. You can mitigate the risk of not getting the service you’re entitled to by doing your research in advance. At Community Action Security, we always recommend taking the time to weigh up different options. All the risks associated with outsourcing security services can be negated by putting your faith in the industry’s best, and it all starts with doing your research and choosing a reputable agency.


Increasing numbers of businesses have turned to independent security contractors to handle their security needs. Most organizations simply don’t have the time, money, or resources to train and manage an internal security division.

We understand the challenges associated with business security. Ensure that you never fall victim to mindless vandals and opportunistic thieves with commercial security services from Community Action Security.

Get in touch with Community Action Security to receive your tailored security quote now.

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