The 3 Main Roles Unarmed Security Guards Play on Commercial Properties

May 13, 2013
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You can never be too safe when it comes to securing valuables, including humans, in commercial properties.  Different commercial locations that see a large amount of foot traffic or house a high-profile company or person, tend to employ security guards to patrol and keep everyone safe.  This is true for government buildings such as the City of Phoenix City Hall, shopping malls such as Paradise Valley Mall, and sporting venues such as Chase Field.

There are three main roles that unarmed security guards play on commercial properties.  Their presence alone, however, can deter unwanted negative behavior.

Crime Prevention

Unarmed security guards have the most impact when it comes to preventing crime from occurring.  People who are thinking about doing something illegal might think twice when then see a uniformed guard patrolling the area.  When they are consistently present, unarmed guards will also be able to spot anything happening that is out of the ordinary.

Being actively visible helps everyday customers and visitors of that property feel safer as they come and go to work.  There is a certain peace of mind when a uniformed, familiar face is around to keep order.

Monitor Visitors

Especially in high-traffic location, unarmed security guards can help monitor visitors as they enter and exit the premises.  This could mean that guards are actively checking photo identification and registering visitors.  It could also mean that guards are helping monitor cameras of the various entrances and exits to make sure there is no suspicious activity going on.

In addition to checking photo identification and registering visitors, unarmed security guards might also be asked to frisk people entering the commercial location.  They are frisking for weapons and contraband that are not permitted on the property.

Guarding Specific Items or People

Unarmed security guards can also be hired to guard very specific items on display or high profile person visiting the commercial location on a short-term basis.  This is true if museums are exhibiting an unusual piece of art for a short time.  It is likely that they will hire a guard to monitor just that piece, protecting it from damage and theft.

Likewise, if Madonna is in town and performing for a couple days at one of the surrounding arenas, guards might be hired to monitor her hotel and protect her from paparazzi.  There might be heightened security in her dressing room area at the arena because of how much attention she draws no matter where she performs.

It is the unarmed security guard’s job to make sure everything is safe and secure, giving people peace of mind as they come and go about their daily business.  Where there is a large number of people, there is more of a chance that something will erupt, be it a small argument or a big fight.  Unarmed security guards play a huge role in making sure everyone is behaving in a civilized manner.

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