The Use of Unarmed Security Guards on College and University Campuses

July 5, 2013
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Community Action Security

There are many colleges and universities in the Phoenix area for students to explore their passions and earn a degree to better their futures.  In order to provide them with a safe, secure learning environment, it is important to consider the use of unarmed security guards.  Although there are usually campus police patrolling the area, however, there are certain times when additional support is needed.  Unarmed security guards from Community Action Security are standing by to assist campus police during these times.

Special Events

Most colleges and university host special events during the year, allowing many un-enrolled, non-students roaming around campus.  These include Parents’ Weekend, new student orientation, and various festivals that the school may sponsor.  When these events occur, there are an increased number of people who are not necessarily familiar with the rules and regulations at the school.  It is best to consider calling on unarmed security guards to help monitor activities.  Their mere presence can deter unwanted crime.

Sporting Events

During sporting events, crowds can get rather rowdy, especially if the team’s biggest rivals are in town.  Rivals usually bring their own fans and dominate one side or section of the arena.  As a result of their excitement for the teams, there is potential for something to go awry.  Extra support from unarmed security guards can assure that people are being safe, yet still able to cheer on their teams.


There are always parties on college and university campuses on the weekends.  Students are naturally social.  When so many of them live in the same building, parties or gatherings spring up all the time, sometimes even spontaneously.  There is also a great likelihood that students will invite others from off-campus to participate in the fun as well.

When upperclassmen are involved and are able to drink alcohol, there is always the potential of something negative happening.  Many students do not have much experience with alcohol and may not be able to manage their consumption.  It is wise to hire unarmed security guards to patrol the dormitories at night to make sure everyone is having fun in a safe environment.  If a university houses fraternities and sororities, unarmed guards can patrol those areas as well.


At the end of every school year, graduations take place on college and university campuses.  Much like special events during the year, graduation brings in many unfamiliar people onto the campus.  On graduation day, unarmed security guards can support campus police in monitoring participants and guests, as well as directing traffic and making sure only those invited are present.

Colleges and universities are always interesting sites to monitor and patrol because for the most part, they are wide open.  There are multiple entry points onto campus, making it difficult to monitor.  For the most part, when the students are studying on a day-to-day basis, campus police are able to patrol the premises and monitor students for their safety.  During special events, sporting events, and graduation, however, the number of people on campuses can increase dramatically.  Community Action Security guards can provide campus police with the extra support needed to assure the events run smoothly for all to enjoy.

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